~hmg photography~

I actually took this photo while driving around the countryside... and now I just love it!
This is an old building out in Gatesville; I just love all of the bright greens of the ivy in the background.
This is at a small creek area in Mexia. I was glad to get no feet in this picture, because this is apparently a very common hang out spot!
This is one of my favorite locations... It is a town called The Grove that is around Moody and is preserved from the early 1800s!
I was driving around my neighborhood on our Gator and I happened to notice this small spider's web. The lighting ended up perfect!
Considering I am a longhorn, I am very surprised that I love this picture so much. Especially, the maroon and white flowers!
I actually took this picture during a football game! I wanted the stadium to be lit also.
This is a very old water tower in McGregor, that is now surrounded by a fence. I just love the vibrant yellow paint and the way it rusted.
This is a photo of the Court House in Temple. The only way I can describe this photo is crisp and that is why I like it.

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