Welcome to This is a revolutionary site that allows the user to instantly find recipes specifically geared toward your needs. We feature a unique search system that allows the user to find the perfect recipe to accommodate your personal preferences. Within this website, you can create an account to share, comment and rate recipes that other users have posted. FreshBite is no ordinary recipe website, we created this website to cater to busy families. However this website can be used by anybody for inspiration. FreshBite was found by Kristina and Karina Samuel with Sasha Vijayvergia. These girls witnessed the struggle their mothers have when making dinner. Due to their busy schedules, meals were thrown together and sometimes lacked the fundamental nutrition because of the lack of time allowed to make a meal.  According to a poll that the girls took themselves 74%  of girls ages 5-13 claimed that they went to fast food restaurants at least 2 times a week because their parents lacked time to make a balanced meal.

Our search bar allows you choose an occasion in which you are cooking for with dietary alternatives such as vegan and paleo options. You can further narrow your search by choosing the cooking and preparation times. In addition, you can browse through recipes that all have or revolve around a certain ingredient. Some of these options include different kind of fruit, vegetables, protein, and carbs.