Annie was born on the 11 of December 1863 and died on the 13 of April 1941. She has three sisters and two brothers. Her brothers names are Robert and Wilson she is the oldest of all of them. She was born in Dover,Delware. She was a promising student at her school so they sent her to Wellesey college. She is not a mum but is happy being an Aunty.

What she discovered

Annie classified stars by the light they give off. She classified over 350,000 stars using that method. She discovered 300 variable stars, stars that change in brightness, 5 exploding stars and one binary star which is two stars joined together.

How it helped

Her amazing contributions helped us to understand the solar system. Also she increased our knowledge of individual stars. She helps explain the birth and death of stars. She was one of the best women astronomers.

prizes she

There was a lunar crater named after her. She won an Ellen Richards prize. there was also a dormitory at the University of Delware named in her honor . She was named one of the twelfth greatest woman in her century .