Walt Disney World

                                                                      By: Emily H.

Which is the most popular Disney park???

Magic Kingdom is not only the most popular theme park in Walt Disney World, but in the world! The Themed Etertainment Association reported more than 17.5 MILLION people vist Magic Kingdom evey year! That's a average of 50,000 people a day!! It makes since that Magic Kingdom is the most popular of the four Walt Disney World parks because it was the first of them to open. Its castel is even Disney's logo! It is the original Disney World park, and has been around and cherished for the longest time.

Which is the least popular Disney park???

The least popular Disney park in Walt Disney World is Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom has an average of 9.5 million people per a year. This is very close it Hollywood studios with a total of 9.6 million people a year. Many people choose to not go to Animal Kingdom thinking that it is just a larger zoo, however Animal Kingom is much more. When Imaginears made Animal Kingdom they wanted to make it more than just a zoo, and that's exactly what thy did. Animal Kingdom was made so the guests could interact more with the animals and do more than they could do at a zoo. Yet most Disney guests still think of it just as a zoo and they miss out on Animal Kingdom.

What were some thing that inspired Walt Disney to create Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney wanted an amusement park that would be safe and that not only the kids would enjoy but also the parents would enjoy. He was sitting on a bench in another amusment park one day and was sad when he saw how the parents and children were unhappy. The children wanted to stay and ride more rides but the parents were miserable and wanted to go home. Walt Disney saw this and wanted to do something about it, and so he did. Walt then decided to start making his dream-Walt Disney World.


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