The beach 27-4-14

Writing journal

The beach is so fresh so delicious so unique. This vacation for me had been awesome I have get a lot of fun and is good to come once a year . I love this life is so relaxing I will like live jefe forever but I cant. Being in the vea y help es me yo get relax to forget all my tensions . The Beach is very beautiful I ha e breen looking At the sun is so beautiful what God had gave us .

In the Beach you could be relax all day drinking and eating your coco. Injusto love it there isnt a word to describe it is just amazing. When you come to here tu just want to live here never yo back. Live in the Beach will be diferent . When I grow up I promise myself I will come every time in the year.

In conclusion I will say this is a good place to live relaxing enjoyful and beauty. One of my greatest wish is to live here and be happy with me girlfriend or maybe my wife.