The Moon's Importance

Cole Potter
8th Hour

The Moon's Role

Phases The moon is a very valuable planet that the earth and sun both need. The moon has different eclipses like the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse. Eclipses can also be total or partial. The moon also has phases, and tides, which I will tell you about now.

The Phases, Eclipses, and Tides

The phases are the new and full moons, the waning crescent, the waxing crescent, the waning gibbous, the waxing gibbous, the 1st quarter, and finally the 3rd quarter. We have phases because the moon is always revolving around the earth. It affects earth because it always changes and it is always revolving around us.

The eclipses are the lunar and solar eclipse. Lunar eclipse means the moon, and solar eclipse means the sun. Eclipses can either be partial or total. They occur because when an object in space comes in between the sun and a third object, that object casts a shadow on that object. They effect us on earth because we can see the eclipses on earth.

The tides are high and low tides. They are when the water goes farther out in the body of water, and up on the beach farther, then its a high tide. The water comes out shorter to the beach. This is called a low tide. They occur when the ocean water rises and falls every half day. It literally happens right in the middle of the day. They affect us here on earth because of many reasons. It can be because of not being able to swim that far out, or it can be because the water leaves things in the sand, including little sea creatures.


The moon is important because it gives us a little bit of light in the middle of the night. It also provides us with eclipses, which are very interesting to see in person. Tides and eclipses are really cool also and they are very cool under the circumstances that it was caused by the moon. It would be very weird if there was no moon, and there would be none of these things. There would be no research of this and it is a very important planet so it would be very bad if it wasn't there.

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