Point Blank

Book by Anthony Horwitz
Book Report by Scott Lei

The genre is science-fiction. I think so because it has very high-tech weapons. 'It was a cross bow- not like the ones in the medieval sort but a sophisticated, high tech weapon with a microflite aluminium dart.' I also don't think someone named Dr. Grief can clone multimillionaires' children to make them better behaved in their parents' eyes. This novel is too psychotic and crazy to happen in the world we live in.

The plot development is man vs. man and man vs. society in the Point Blanc Academy (The novel's main setting). I think so because it was Alex vs. Dr. Hugo Grief and his assistant, Dr. Eva Stellenbosch. I also think it is man vs. society because he was told not to go to the basement or the third and fourth floors at Point Blanc, but he did. That is how we found out about Project Gemini (The Cloning).

The Protagonists are Alex Rider, the SAS (Secret Air Service), and  M16 (The organization that sent Alex there). The Antagonists are Dr. Hugo Grief, Dr. Eva Stellenbosch, and the guards at Point Blanc. The major characters are Alex, Dr. Grief, Dr. Stellenbosch, and M16. The minor characters are James Sprintz, Paul Roscoe, Hugo Vries, Derek Smithers, Fiona Friend, and more.

The main setting was either Point Blanc or M16 headquarters. Four words I would use to describe Point Blanc is mysterious, frightening,  suspicious, and having the feeling that someone is watching you because all the cloning is to mirror Dr. Grief's personality, but not his habits. A quote is "All of them are different, but the same."

I would recommend this book to anyone in 5th to 12th grades. It is a very action-packed teen novel. I would particularly recommend this book to Finn because he already read the first book in the Alex Rider series, Storm-Breaker.


Alex Rider is a fourteen year old boy. He has a life much more interesting and ten times more dangerous than a normal schoolboy. He is an undercover agent recruited by M16. M16 discovered something unusual going on. Michael J. Roscoe has mysteriously been killed. So has a German General named Victor Ivanov. M16 only found two pieces of information about their deaths. They are both multi millionaires and their sons both went to the Point Blanc Academy. They know that they can't just bust into the academy without information so naturally, they sent Alex Rider.

Alex Rider was equipped with high-tech gadgets inculding a bulletproof snow jacket, A media player that if  you listen to Mozart and press the fast-forward button three times, it sends a signal to M16 to get him out of Point Blanc and many other high-tech gadgets. Alex is sent to Point Blanc undercover as Alex Friend, son of Sir David Friend, and brother to Fiona Friend.

When he arrives at Point Blanc, he suddenly notices that five of the seven boys at the academy are all very different but they play ping-pong, eat, and act the same way. All except for James Sprintz. He is acting as a normal, juvenile student. A few nights later, something went 'click' outside the door. He knew that they locked but they didn't do that every night. He escaped through the window but when he got into the hall and hid in the chimney. There he saw the strangest sight. Mrs. Stellenbosch was dragging an unconscious James through the hallway and down to the basement. He took a look in James's bedroom and there was James. That is where he found out about Project Gemini.

He went to the basement and found that the real boys were there. Mrs. Stellenbosch eventually found him and brought him to Dr. Grief's office. He escaped that night on a laundry board and got seriously injured. He was retrieved by M16 and they found out about the information. Him and eight other SAS members (Including the leader, Wolf) went to raid the academy. They got the boys out and Dr. Grief and Mrs. Stellenbosch were both killed during the attack.

Something I noticed about the writing was that Anthony Horwitz would make every chapter very intense and he would make the chapter names like you really want to read on. Chapter 10 is called 'things that go click in the night.' This is were James gets switched with his clone.

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