My Business Plan

Business Type And Product/Service Produced

    My business type is a good. The product that I am selling is books. Books are a type of good.

Who Will Buy My Product/Service?

        Kids ages 1-30 can buy my product and adults ages 40-60 can also buy my product. The location is not going to be around another bookstore so my business will be located next to a furniture store or a restaurant.The supply and demand is going to be average for me. Also the quality of the books is going to be good so people will want to buy my product.

How Will I Attract Consumers?

       I will make a slogan and coupon. I will put my slogan on-line. I will also make a business card.

What Expenses Will My Business Have?

      My expenses are the authors and illustrators.  Also for the building where I am selling my books, the building costs $7,100 dollars, the bookshelves would cost $69,   the cash register would cost $78.90, the desk would cost $39.84 and stands to prop the books up would cost $9.95.

What Will I Price My Product/Service?

        I will price my books 5-10 dollars. I will consider the quality, paper back books, hard cover books and if it is popular or in demand.

If you look below you can see the budget.

Personal Inquiry

       Half Price Books is a book store in Canada. Their pricing is 20 dollars and under. They are located at 1300 Bath Road, Kingdom, ON N5y 4W5 in Canada. Also their quality is good, they do not have ripped up books or torn books.




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