Where Sports Come to Play

Community Structure

Sporttopia is divided into counties. Each county is based on its own sport.  Some of the many counties include Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, snow skiing. Each county has its own climate based on its sport that stays the same year round. So in Baseball County it is always sunny and 75 degrees while in Ski County it is always 25 degrees and snows on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Government and Rules

Sporttopia's government is made up of the elderly. This is a benefit because they are the wisest and have the most free time.  In addition to running the community, the elders are responsible for running any sporting event (referee/umpire). Sporttopia has very relaxed rules.  Some of these rules include: always have fun, never be lazy, never be rude, and always strive to improve yourself and those around you.


When children are born, they are given all of the knowledge they need to live a successful life so this eliminates the need for school and allows more free time to develop athletic ability. In place of the education children would normally receive they spend time  at practice for their sports and learning the mental side of being a great athlete.


Everyone has the freedom to choose their own spouse but the spouse must be approved by the elders. Parents give birth to and raise their own children under their own judgement but the elders have the right tho relocate a child at any point if they feel the parents are not doing a good job.

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