Tips For Starting Your Fitness Journey

  • What are your goals? Lose a few pounds, tone up, gain muscle mass... or a combination of the few listed.
  • Do you prefer to workout at home or the gym? Choose one that you know will keep you interested. If you choose a gym, fine one that's close to you and won't break the bank, especially if you are on a budget. If you prefer to workout at home but are worried about the space, well if you can stretch your arms out to the side and do a proper squat, you're good to go!
  • For at home workouts, there are tons of helpful videos and websites online, so you can choose from a library of workouts.
  • SET A SCHEDULE & STICK TO IT! Some people like to workout in the morning, some in the nights, others at noon if the time is available. If you workout at the same time every day then chances are, you are less likely to skip your workouts.
  • Understand and accept that you will need to change your diet for the better. There is no 1 size fit all diet, so you have to do your job in this area. Pay attention to your body and how it reacts to the foods you eat. Ensure that you are eating whole foods, and that you are getting enough protein, carbs and healthy fats in every meal. Learn to love the farm and stay away from the factory.
  • Get your mind right! Working out and sticking to it is mostly mental. Be disciplined because your health depends on it. Think about the long term benefits: You will be healthier, leaner, sleep better at nights, enjoy a better mood, less chances of getting depressed, you will look better :) have more energy... and the list goes on.
  • Plan ahead! Its important to get your workouts and your meals ready if only for the first2 or 3 days, because you will be more likely to feel less stressed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle on a busy schedule.
  • Understand that this is a journey and that you will fall off the wagon sometimes. You are human so don't beat yourself up over this. Try not to let it happen too often. Always get back on your feet and keep pushing.
  • Keep a log of your workouts. Its helpful to track your reps and time as you repeat a particular workout to see how well you progressed. It will also push you harder if you try to beat your previous scores. This will help in avoiding a plateau.
  • Take baby steps, one day at a time, and have fun!

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