The Death of the Great James Gats
AKA Jay Gatsby

The Beginning to the End
Report by: Norman Tyler Webb
July 30th, 1922

The rich and mysterious Mr. Gatsby

This was very interesting subject to investigate.  James Gats was a very mysterious man, no one knew the real Mr. Gats.  He even had an alter ego which was Jay Gatsby.  No really knows the reason for this alter ego.  He told people extravagant stories that to me sounded a bit absurd.  His parties were known all around New York as the biggest and the best.  All his family is dead so it puzzled me when I was asked to write this article on Mr. Gats.  So i decided to interview some people who knew him from other than his parties or what they had heard, I wanted the truth the real story.      

On July 28, 1922, Jay Gatsby, wealthy reputed bootlegger was found dead in his pool on West Egg. George Wilson, the husband of the misstress, was found dead by apparent suicide at the pool as well. It is suspected that Wilson killed Gatsby before taking his own life. But I personally think there is more to this story than what meets the eye.

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Jordan Baker

The first one with the privilege to get interviewed about Mr. Gats is Ms. Jordan Baker.  One of my first questions for Ms. Baker was, how did she know Mr. Gats?  Her response was "  I went to all of his parties they were all the buzz in East Egg and the city, if you didn't go to them you were considered poor and unsophisticated".   So I reply with the question of what they did at these huge extravagant parties.  She said "Most people drank until they fell, or you danced until you were sore."  Then my final question came to mind I asked "Did anyone actually see or meet Mr. Gats at these parties."   She replied " No, not just anyone talked to him or even saw him, he sought out the people he wanted to meet or talk to."  Her response intrigued me and made me want to dive into this story even more than before.

Tom Buchanan

So I go to the mansion of a house in East Egg, owned by the Buchanan's.  The first of the Buchanan's I wanted to talk to about Mr. Gatby's Death was Mr. Buchanan.  So I knock on the huge door Mr. Buchanan's butler lets me in I see Mr. Buchanan gawking over his many trophies.  I go to him and ask " Mr. Buchanan, what are your thoughts on Mr. Gatsby and his recent death."  He says "I was very distraught to hear of his passing, I got to "know" him over this summer through a man named Nick Carraway, who I went to Yale with."   When I heard this I started to see a cycle unfolding in front of my eyes.  I asked him if he and Mr. Gatsby got along while he was alive.  He said "Mr. Gatsby was a very clever and manipulative man, he wanted everything his way and if i didn't go his way he acted violent toward people."   He also told me that he suspected that there was something going on with Mr. Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan Toms wife.  So I started to relize there was another side of Mr. Gatsby that turned away from the perfect happy go luck guy image that everyone saw.  

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Nick Carraway

So I started to see a pattern of how Mr. Carraway seemed to be in every situation that Mr. Gatsby was in.  So I got the directions to his place, and drove there.  To my surprise his little cottage was ironically right beside the towering mansion of the late Mr. Gatsby.

I knock on his small door.  He comes to the door looking annoyed and tired of everything; slightly depressed.  He takes one look at me and says "if your part of the stress I will report you to the authorities.  I quickly say "No no no..... I'm part of the New York Times..... I'm reporting on why Mr. Gatsby your friend was murdered by Mr. Wilson."    Which he was quick to respond and say " First I am glad that someone has the right sense to find out what really happend.  Second his name was James Gats, just to let you know."  I could tell that this man knew Mr. Gats very well.  He told me that Mr. Gats fancied Mrs. Buchanan and she the same.  He said over the last few days things between him and Mr. Buchanan were awkward and heated because of there romance.  He told me things really heated up when they got to the party room in the city.  He said "We all got into the very hot and humid room, were we thought we could relax and cool off.  Mr. Buchanan started questioning Mr. Gats about his life and his relationship with Daisy before and after he came back from the war.  They started to argue and fight and before you know it  Mr. Gats had gotten angry and had Mr. Buchanan by the collar.  Daisy was in tears and I could not believe what i was seeing.  Next thing I know I'm hearing about Gats hitting Myrtle Wilson over in The Valley of Ashes, and how he just left her there.  I met up with him to hear that..... well I promised him I wouldn't  tell anyone you will have to talk to Daisy she was riding with Gats.  His story was the best lead I had.  It seemed as if the reason Mr. wilson shot Gats was for revenge but it seemed as if there was more going off the mystery of what Mr. Carraway said.  

Daisy Buchannan

After talking to Mr. Carraway I ask him if it would be ok if I talked to his cousin.    So me and Mrs. Buchanan go into the living room of her mansion alone.  I ask her "How do you know Mr. Gatsby?"  She responds saying "I knew him before the money and the so called "fame" before he had this aliase of Mr. Gatsby and before he went to war."  Then I asked her "Did you and Mr. Gatsby get along."  And she responded pretty quickly "Yes, we were fascinated by each other, we saw each other on a deeper level, more than normal lov......... uhhm friends."  That statement didn't surprise me one bit since I already knew about her and Mr. Gats relationship.  Then I asked her the most important question "Why didn't Mr. Gats turn around to see if Myrtle was ok or even alive?"  She sat there for a minute and the tears started to well up in her eyes.  Then She burst out and said while crying perfusley "Gats wasn't  driving it was me he was so mad and acting crazy and I wanted to drive.  I am dying inside knowing that gats died because I was to much of a coward to give myself up."  This was the truth i had been looking for.  I finallygot the huge story that i knew was behind all of this.

So Mr. Gats was killed because he wanted to die for the woman he loved.  I think if this was a book it would be one of the best stories ever written with all of the action, drama, and romance

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