Courage is Earned by Believing

By AJ Musche

1. Henry Fleming, the main character, is a brave boy who even in the face of danger, or embarrassment, he continued on in the fight with courage and bravery.

2. Henry started out eager to fight against the southern troops, but after a fight with the other side be didn't know if this war was for him until he gathered up his true strength and showed his true courage and bravery.

3.Henry ran away from battle because of how much pressure and the stress came from the war he was fighting. He was afraid to return because he could have been criticized for his cowardice in the actions that he takes.

4.The civil war had a total death count of around 620,000 men and women. About 6% of our nations population was lost to the fact that we had a different opinion than another group.

5. Henry became a hero to himself and to the other men around him. He was honored for his bravery and courage.

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