my rockin summer

the way there

@koolteecha and @aca. first i was waiting for days and asking my mom every day if it was going to happen that day.then one day she said yes!i was so excited!until i found out were going on a plane.then i got really scared and did not want to go.

we where waiting in the waiting ares for hours. then we finally could GO!i was very scared.then we got on the plane and i was shivering. the plane did not take of until 30 minutes.oh and my cousin aunt and my mom where going on the plane all together .the plane started moving all of sudden i got home sick.we where starting to lift off.

when we got into the air it was not very high. then 30 minutes passed and it was so high that i had to close the window just so i would not freak out. then we landed. i was so glad we did. i opened the window and we where going super fast trying to land.we finally stoped. i went trough the little hallway thing, and the first thing i did was hug my mom.

on are way to the place we where going, we had to rent a car because we cant bring cars on planes. we went on our took us 3 whole hours just to get there. i was extremely bored. so me and my cousin"Hayden",played truth or dare. i dared him to stop the car and walk the whole way to were we where going only with a bag of chips and 2 water bottles. of corse he did not do it.then time passed bye and i finally relized where we where going. we where going to my grandmas house in the mountains to visit her. i was so glad, because i normally dont get to see her.

then we got there. i was so glad that i could finally see her sense and my cousin got bored, so we went down the mountain to explore.we found tracks of what looked like a wolves track. so we ran back my grandmas house or like i like to call her"Mimi". we stayed there for a whole week. thats like 7 days.but there was one thing, i had a ear infection the whole time i was there. so most of the time i was there i was laying down because my ear hurted so bad. we got medications but all they did was make it not hurt for about 30 minutes.

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