When I grow up I want to be a dancer. Here is what I learned being a dancer.

Dancer facts: A dancer needs the right shoes, a dancer is always on time, a dancer practices and stretches. A dancer needs to go to college for two years to get there masters. There are different types of dancer, there are dance teachers, professional dancers, and street dancers, there are all different types of dances in different countries. Different countries have different customs in their cultures.       

3 Interesting Facts about Dancers

1. Breakdancing started in Bronx New York City.  

2. Dancers can be athletes.  

3. There are different cultures of dance.  

Why I chose to be a dancer. I chose to be a dancer because I was inspired and I want to inspire little girls. I became a dancer because I want to improve. I became a dancer because some times I do my own thing when I dance. I became a dancer because there are cool dance moves I can learn.   

Websites I used for research