Galileo: Not a Pioneer, But  a Revolutionist

Galileo Galilei is arguably one of the greatest minds of the past millennium. His findings shaped the way most of us look at the world. But all of his greatness could not be achieved if it weren't for the ground work laid before him. All of his great discoveries trail back to one simple invention, that he himself did not originate, but rather revolutionized. The telescope was a pivotal tool in all of Galileo's brilliant theories that we know to be true. But Galileo wasn't the one who came up with it, they were originally made as a toy with almost no scientific application. It wasn't until Galileo got a hold of it that he discovered replacing the flat glass lenses with curved ones would be able to cause optical magnification. One of the most pivotal items for all the other research he would go to do and hes only the guy that made modifications to it. But without his brilliance who knows how long before someone else would've made that discovery. Thats true to the essence of all great scientific discoveries. They're built on the trials and errors of centuries of scientists before you, without their effort you would have nothing to begin with. That's why Galileo is a true Scientist, he didn't have to start from square one, he took what he was given and revolutionized it. That's the true heart of science, taking revolutionary steps past where other have been able to tread. Galileo wasn't the first to observe the stars and the heavens, he wasn't the first the ponder our planets position in the solar system. But he took the knowledge of these previous theories, and built upon them. He took his findings from his new and accurate telescope to revolutionize the field. The telescope perfectly exemplifies how building off the groundwork laid by someone else is often necessary to further science and help with the scientific revolution. Without the help of someone else before him, who knows what discoveries about our stars and solar system Galileo would've accomplished.

Konnor Karpinski