"Champions are made when no one is watching"


My beliefs

I believe in the simple things,

the time spent doing nothing,

the long days on the beach,

the summer swims at my grandparents,

the tug of a fishing line,

Freedom, Relaxation, Happiness,

But I do NOT look like my little brother.

I believe in long nights under the stars,

I believe in the smell of fresh-cut grass,

I believe in the notion that all men are equal,

Hard-work, Family, Grace,

And I believe in the fact that we are loved by an all-powerful God.

My Personal Credo

      “Champions are made when no one is watching.” This is what inspires me to better myself when others aren’t around, what causes me to push myself when I don’t have others to do it for me. Anybody can become good doing only what is required, but one only becomes great when they go above and beyond.

     I formed this credo early on after seeing it on the wall of the field house before my first middle school football game. I remember reading it, and thinking to myself, “Am I genuinely putting in enough effort?” I knew that if I had to doubt myself, then the answer was a no. Everyday since then, I began working harder to become better at football. When the rest of the team had already been dismissed, I was still out on the field doing hills. While others were hanging out with their friends, I was in the loneliness of the weight room.

     That belief is important to me because I don’t want to settle for being average. I want to rise above what’s expected of me, and continue to go beyond my limits everyday. When my time comes, and I look back on my life, I want to be able to feel proud of what I have accomplished. I set higher standards for myself than anyone else, and the only way I would reach those would be to abide by my creed.

     Although I will no doubt acquire new lessons and skills as I mature, I don’t really see my credo changing as I grow older. I feel that I will continue to work hard and try and live up to the high standards that I set for myself. I’m not the type of person to become satisfied very easily, and usually after accomplishing something I’m already working on making it to the next step. Hopefully, my drive to constantly improve will pay off in the future, and help me to fulfill my aspiration of becoming a doctor.

     This credo is significant to me because it reminds me of what I must do to make my dream a reality. If I want to become a champion, I can’t take time off just because no one is watching. I must continue to work and strive for excellence, nothing less. I would challenge others to follow my credo because if they do, they’d be surprised at what they could achieve.

By Adam Hollifield

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