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Jennifer Flood

Poetry is the gateway to abstract thought, and students struggle with the transition between the literal and figurative styles of writing.  Scaffolding the process of analysis while still keeping students engaged is critical to successfully meeting the learning objectives.

Start with the Learning

dialoging with teachers on what they want students to learn, and what pedagogical strategies they will use to facilitate student-centered learning.

While scaffolding

for the teacher how to identify tools that support their pedagogical strategy.  Always with the purpose of teachers gaining independence in the same way they hope their students will gain independence.


As I work and collborate with these trailblazers, I am always feeding with ideas, resources, and questions.  Coaching focuses on polish of learning experiences and sharing/mentoring others.  Utilize personal blog: Time Enough, as well as Mailchimp newsletter to facilitate regular sharing.

Fatigued Expert

Twice Shy

These classroom veterans can be your best friend when provided agency and voice.  When coaching I always lead with positive pre-supposition, and often meet in person prior to a team meeting to listen to their thoughts and concerns.

For these teachers there is always a reason why it won't or didn't work out.  In reality their confidence is low and proves to be a barrier to trying new things.  These are the classrooms where I collaboratively plan lessons and co-teach.  Coaching focuses on reflective practice and fostering a growth mindset.


approach is no longer 'this is how you use the tool', but rather how can a tool support pedagogical strategies and developing individual ability to problem solve workflows.

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