The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen
  Desire Regalado May 15, 2015

Before reading "The Gardener" I thought this book was going to be about a guy that takes care f a garden and he does something wrong with the garden and the plants are going to end up being humans and try to do something bad to him and hes going to regret making the garden in the first place.

Autotroph is an organism or a "producer" that uses energy from sunlight. In the Gardener, humans can  survive off of  the sunlight and with no food or water.

Evolution is when someone or something changes. A development or translation. In the Gardener, the humans are translated from human to plants.

Why does only the girl wake up when the other kids don't? Only the girl (Laila) wakes up with the tape because every kid has there own tape with a certain verse from the tape to wake up and go to sleep. That was her part of the tape to wake up.

Is the father the gardener? Masons father is the gardener,although he never really knew about his father, he just knows about the karner blue butterfly tattoo.

Climate change could affect food crisis by decreasing the human population. Food crisis is when there isn't enough food, people could begin to fight for food and that causes chaos. We have to eat food to survive and if we dont have food, we could die of starvation and that will decrease the human population.

"Dear Future Generations.Sorry" by Prince E.A is mostly about people not caring what there doing to our planet. They been cutting down trees in the Amazon to make money and now there are no more trees out there for the people who live there. They don't realize that the people who are living there need trees to survive, those people use those trees to eat,  we All need food and oxygen to survive. Prince E.A is trying to send out a message to the whole world an is standing up for trees and our planet. Hes trying to encourage us not to make the same error.

Connecting "The Gardener" by S.A Boden and "Dear Future Generations. Sorry"

In both "The Gardener" by S.A Boden and "Dear Future Generations. Sorry" by Prince E.A the authors argue that when people today, make decisions they should consider hoe those decisions affect seven generations of our future.
In Dear Future Generation. Sorry, it states, " We must look at the root and not the branches of the government, not the politicians run by cooperation, We are the root, the foundation, this generation, its up to us to take care of this planet". What this met to me was, it our responsibility to stand for our planet. This generation is not so supportive ad its like we don't even care any more because were getting something out of it either way and were not the ones having to suffer there with out trees cause were so far away from there.
It also states, "I read how the Native Americans had such consideration of the planet, the felt responsible for how they left the land for the next seven generations, which gives me great sorrow because most of us today don't even care about tomorrow". People would take such good care of our planet back then but we didn't realize what we where doing when we started doing this to our trees. If you really think about it, people say that we don't care about anything but ourselves because were taking all these trees from peoples homes but were actually killing ourselves every time we cut down a tree.
Salomon created the greenhouse because he wanted to save the humans race but people didn't think it was right but they also didn't think about the seven generations.

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