Woodstock 1969

how music changed protest against the Vietnam war

During the Vietnam war famous artists manipulated or used the way people were reacting to the  gruesomeness of the war and made a heck of a profit off of it.  This is a picture of from the 1969 woodstock.  Nearly half a million people and 32 bands.  Most of those bands played songs about the Vietnam war to protest.  One of the most memerable songs of the 1969 woodstock was a song my Country Joe named I Feel Like A Fix'in To Die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rArmFRkaFY.  The song was about how crazy the war was making people and how the drafts were going to kill everyone with out a choice.   Many other songs were trying to make the same point and protest it where ever they went.  This brought in a new way of protest that told the people what to protest about.

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