Skills and Characteristics you need to work in the IT industry

The technical knowledge that you might need to be a Games maker or App design  are a degree in programming, to be able to do that partial job, you will also need knowledge on the programs and software you will be using. you will need to know how to code simple to advance.

the working procedures  that you would need  to work in a IT always save important information i n case of power cuts, things like plagiarism other copy rights are ways you can get finned a lot of money so don't do it. things like saving your work to a external storage device is very helpful it is also a good idea to change your password  regularly and to never tell anyone your password this is all to do with safety.

healthy and safety issues you might come across in a IT job are things like back issues can accrue when doing a IT job this is because most of the jobs require you to sit down for long periods of time, things like eyesight can be a big concerns when it comes to a job in IT this includes eye strain, redness, irritation or dryness, a burning feeling in the eyes, blurred or double vision. spinal damage can occur when in a IT job because of the long periods of time you will be sitting.

the interpersonal skills you will need to work in a IT job will include socializing skills and you need to have communication skills to make meeting simple and more productive. teem working skills so that tasks become easier.

the planning skills you will need involve organisation skills so you can plan meetings you will also need the skill of planing deadlines for your self and over people. the ability of breaking down a task is one you need to have because you can give certain jobs to certain people.

the numeric skills you need for a IT job may include knowing how to use formulas to use certain programs, the skill to workout percentages are important  

the creative skills you will need for a IT job such as a app designer are brain storming new ideas, expand on old idea to make them more productive in  what they do and problem solving is a skill you need to have.

the attitudes that are preferred in an IT job are determination to see a job to the end, to be able to work independently,  be dependable is important, self motivated and to be confident in what you are doing and to lead a project.

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