Two Paths... or More

The life and lore of Julie Kelly

On introducing me... who am I today?

Depending on the venue, I introduce myself different ways. Some days I am a mom of teens who stays home and does part time graduate school work. Other days I am a seminarian, seeking my future career and to make a difference in peoples lives through exploration of faith together. More often than not, I am the Leader for an Army Reserve Unit's Family Readiness Group and teaching Army Families how to 'be' an Army Family successfully. The rest of the time, I am just me. Having moved 43 times in my life, I am blessed to witness astounding events, places and people of this earth. I am curious, passionate, devoted and generally a work horse. I love people- especially Army Families, but I also adore 'me' time. I am the typical introvert who learned very early to cope by forcing extroversion. I own who I am, what I do, who I love, what I miss, what I wish and what I dream.

I am a bit of a mama hen in many ways. This video is boring... fair warning but I love to help people out and love technology. So I posted a youtube video for the new DL Cohort 7 this past summer to help them ease their angst over MyLutherNet before they had to use it. However, it was not my first video. This was:

So now you know a little about me. Let's walk, talk, and learn together.

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