Ancient Mesopotamia

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One reason you should go to mesopotamia is because of the hanging gardens.

Mesopotamia is a very pretty.  It has many cool things.  The ancient Mesopotamians  invented the 7 day week, the 60 minute hour, and the wheel.  They invented many other things like dams, levees, and canals.  This is called an irrigation system.

Where is Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is located in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  This means that there are lots of crops.  Lots of crops make a stable food supply.  There is also lots of water to drink.   In Mesopotamia there are many city-states and time periods for you to choose from.  I would live in the time of the Neo-Babilonions, because they were very smart and invented many things.  You could invent something that has already been invented and take all the credit. :)  

Ancient Mesopotania is in between the 2 rivers.
ammurabi had a very strict code of laws.

Hammurabi has a very strict code of laws that every one MUST to follow.  It was a lot like an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  But the women were still treated unfairly.  (Just like in all the other periods of time...)  The code was written on a stone tablet for every one to see.  It was written in the Akkadian language using cuneiform script.  For example, if a builder built a house for someone and does not construct it properly and the house falls and kills, the builder shall be put to death to.

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