"Inferences From The Ugly Duckling" By The Author Marianna Mayer Illustrations By Thomas Locker
Tackk By Mark Beckwith

"One of my eggs, the largest of them all, is taking forever to hatch. But, as you can see, my other ducklings are doing quite well"

Inference: The mother duck think the large egg is hers but it not it is a different bird egg. It most likely not hers but a bird egg of a different kind.

"The poor duckling who seemed so ugly to the others was never allowed to feel at home, the woman who fed the animals kicked him in disgust because he so ugly"

Inference: The duckling is rejected no one wants him. Even his mother might not want him.

"The moment they saw him (Swans), they arched their long necks and swam toward him"

Inference: The swans seem to like him like he one of them or something. He might not even know what he look like or what kind of bird he even is.

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