My journal

By:Bell Boyd

Day 1 Who Am I

I am Bell Boyd. Yes I am a women but I try to keep that a secret. I am a spy for the confederate army. Back home, a small rinky dink town in Kentucky, I live with my husband and two children. Amber, a 12 year old young lady and Ryan, a 9 year old boy they are both very intelligent but can also be the biggest goof balls. Every time I think about them, it makes me laugh and think about going swimming at the hidden pond or playing back yard games with them. The thing is i'm not sure if I will ever be able to do that again. But, I will try my earnest to get through this bloody bath and make it home to see my lovely family once again. Back home in my free time I enjoyed to paint, I painted nature mostly. I miss everything back home.

Day 2 Slang

When I work, I make greenbacks.

That is a very hard case job though

Yes it is my boss hard knocks me

Does he treat you like a jailbird

yes he is always fit to be tied

Maybe hes wallpapered you never know

yes he got whipped when he was younger so thats why he mean

he should just skedaddle

Day 3

My days at camp consist of fighting death and practice. My camp is set up in the middle of Kentucky, towards Lexington though. We all get up at the crack of Dawn then we practice. Then later we practice some more. Your probably wondering what kind of drills the men do. Well they do man on man fighting skills, bayonet drills, gun skills and more. The camp is set up very neatly actually. All the tents are in one section, then on the opposite side of camp there is all the drill fields, and in the middle there is food and where everyone plays games like baseball. Some of the chores the women has is to make food, nurse the hurt, clean cloths, and everyday house chores. If one was to break any major rules they were to be whipped. If it was a minor mistake they were to be sent to do chores or extra drills.

Day 4

Interview with Jeremia

When creating our story we read pages 1, 2, 3, and .

Your job is to interview the fictional character of Jeremiah Handley and

write out the answers as you believe he would have given them.

Make sure to include information or ideas drawn from your analysis of

primary sources. Cite the source material as your teacher directs.

Interview question 1

Jeremiah, when you chose to __stay home with your mother__

what caused you to make that choice?

I didnt want to leave my mother home alone while she was ill

Interview question 2

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

Joining the union because I knew slavery was wrong

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish I had taken better care of my mother cause then she might still be alive. I still take the blame for my mothers death even though I cared for her.

Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")

Jeremiah, ______did you ever think you would make it past the confederate or were you for sure you would get caught___?

I thought I could make it past them but they ended up shooting me in the leg and that brought me down. I feel like I failed my family especially my mother.

My favorite song was the Battle Cry of the Freedom because it showed true dedication to the war. It expressed that no matter how hard you have to work, it will pay off because one day America will have freedom.

My favorite song was When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again because I feel like its telling you that war will end at one time and that you have a chance to come home because war isnt all death.


During my free time I like to go to an open range and just read or write home. Sometimes I will gamble with the guys but that's rarely. Back home I loved to relax, and I want that to stay the same even if I am away. Now the food on the other hand is terrible. My favorite is the corn bread though. Its the only thing that is pretty normal, all the other things have worms and beetles in them. There is also raw meat and ditch water. Its almost impossible to eat it, but with the food shortage, you have to.

Day 6

Izzy and Ishani’s Civil War Song


I have hope

That we will win this war

We can work

to fight for freedom

‘Cause we, we’re capable of winning

of winning, and succeeding

I know we

We can make a change

We will fight

Until everything is right

Make this country a free one

The Union will work till we’re all one

But just be sure, ‘cause the rebels are going down, going down, they’re going down

So you wanna go against the blue coats?

Rebels you should know what you’re falling for

Confederates do you want to do this?

‘Cause we’re coming at you and we will win

Are you ready for, ready for?

A perfect battle, perfect battle,

‘Cause once we win, once we win,

There’s no going back.

Picture: Fun

Day 7

The illnesses were un bareable. Just devastating. Men after men throwing up, having bad diarrhea, starvation, etc. They don't deserve it, they are fighting four our country yet they die so fast and so young. The biggest sickness around hear is the diarrhea. It a terrible sound to listen to those poor men pleading and crying for help.  I also saw a lot of chicken pox. Man it looked like a bunch of mosquitoes just came and bit those men like it was hay day. The nurses were helpful, but I wouldn't say very. Yes they would fix some patients up but, they were also causing some of them to get even worse because of the water they made them drink. I think that was the main reason those innocent men died. If only they had better water, I bet they would still be fighting right now. The medicines weren't the best either. All I got to say is sorry for those men, fighting four our country.

Day 8

Dear Loved Ones,

Today was a pretty tough day. I got into my first real man on man fight. I ended up winning but I killed the poor man. I have the weirdest feeling in my gut, I have never killed anyone before. I know I did the right thing but it was just so sudden. I cant bare to kill another person I wish I could just go home. I miss being with you guys, just my husband and children, like it used to be. I miss it so much. Don't worry though, I should be home soon. At least I hope so. But don't panic, I wont die until I see all of you at least one more time. I promise you, and I never break a promise.

Love your dearest wife and mother,

                                                              Belle Boyd

      Picture: My house

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