Road To Success

"If you don't have a dream, you don't have anything"

My definition of success is living the American Dream which to me is living the luxurious lifestyle, nice high definition, peaceful, and wealthy life. What I mean as wealthy is having enough money to help your parents out when needed to.

My life motto is If your not dedicated, your not motivated to success.

"I rather be tired than broke" -Anonymous

What does it take to become successful in life? Well to me it takes dedication, motivation, and hard work. Speak with actions not words is something that will make you become successful in life. Never give up, through the bad failure and your good success keep going never stop. Learn from your mistakes and turn them into accomplishments. Make your dreams come true, stop making excuses and do it. Dreams worth more than money. #success #life #mrsdavisSAHS14.

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