Alyssa Kasey

The Nile river which is the longest river.Its 1,100 kilometers long!

The Nile

You should come to Egypt because of the longest river.The Nile, it flows north fro its sources in the east Africa to the mediterranean sea. the two main sources it has is the blue Nile ,it rises in the highlands of the present-day country of Ethiopia, and runs rapidly to the desert in a thundering torrents and speed! The second main source is the white Nile, its much calmer, begins deep in east Africa and flows northward through swamps.they meet in the present-day of Sudan. there the Nile begins its way through the desert lands, and leads the the Mediterranean Sea!


the people of Egypt thought of the land as two! the black land and the red land. the red land had rich soil. cause the Nile flooded and left rich soil. the black land they called it black because of the dark soil left by the flood!

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