Burger King vs McDonald's

Alayna slaughter & Tyna Williams

Burger King whopper large fries & large drink

Whopper meal

Calories 1210

Grams of fat 64

Percent of fat 78%

Saturated fat 3.5

Tea spoons of fat 12

Grams of fat for a normal active teenage girl is 92 this is over half the amount of fat they can eat in a day in one meal. Saturated fat for a teenage girl is 26 grams so this isn't to bad. No more then 35% of fat should come from your daily total. This is way more than the percentage it should be .


20 piece McNugget w/2large fries & large drink

Calories 1450

Grams of fat 52

Percent of fat 57%

Saturated fat 11

Tea spoons of fat 11

Grams of fat for an active teenage girl in one day is 92 this meal is 52 & it's 11 saturated fat so it's almost half of the saturated fat for that day this is still over the daily fats recommend.

Healthy meal from Burger King

Tender grilled chicken garden salad no dressing & large cup of water with lemon

Calories 220

Grams of fat 7

27% of fat

Tea spoons of fat 1.5

Add low fat or fat free dressing or no dressing

In this project we have learned how unhealthy we eat, we also learned how to keep track of the fats we eat per day & how much fats we should eat per day. This is less then the amount we should have during a day.

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