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Southern Hog Control Feral Hog Trapping and Removal Keeps Georgia Residents Safe

(Columbus, Georgia) May 20th, 2015 - Former Chief Warrant officer Chris Monhof who has more than 22 years of experience in the Untied States Military created southern Hog Control not only to keep Georgia residents safe but to provide a much needed service throughout the South. As well as his military experience, Chris has proficiency in hunting and trapping hogs in the swamps of Fort Stewart and Fort Benning, Georgia.

Feral hogs can be devastating to crops, fences, and even other livestock. Feral hogs are incredibly strong and can uproot fencing and enter areas where damage can be detrimental. There are numerous ways in which the feral hogs can destroy your hard earned living and Southern Hog Control will trap, hunt, and eliminate your hog problems.

Southern Hog Control also sells all the gear that is needed to hunt or trap by yourself. Southern Hog Control offers the state of the art Jager M.I.N.E surveillance and hog trapping system. With this system, you are able to view and observe the hogs and their movements from the comfort of your home. The Jager M.I.N.E system also allows you to capture the hogs remotely. There is less hassle and more safety for you in this process.

Because Feral Hogs are nocturnal, hunting them at night is key to being able to truly capture and remove all of the hogs damaging your area. At Southern Hog Control thermal vision scopes are sold for all of your weapon choices. Having a thermal vision scope is easier and less cumbersome than using night vision goggles and insures better accuracy and control of your shot. By using the thermal night vision scopes you are able to see the animal through the night by sensing their heat. This means that no matter where the hog is hiding, you will be able to find and hunt the animal with precision.

About Us:

Southern Hog Controls web store sells every product that you need to control your feral hog infestation. There are cameras, antennas, scopes, traps, and more. In addition, if you are unsure about your ability to capture and remove the hogs by yourself, you can contact Southern Hog Control,

and they will come to your property and observe, trap, and remove the hogs. With Southern Hog Control, you can be confident that your crops, livestock, pets, and property are safe again.

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PO Box 4826 

Columbus, Georgia 31914


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