Why She Should Be Inducted to the Hall of Fame

*Who is she? M.I.A is a Tamil-British hip-hop, electronic, and dance rapper, as well she is a major activist. Her real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, her real name also reflects the name of her album Matangi.

*What are some of her seminal works?


       -paper planes

       -bad girls


*Why is she culturally significant? She is just so different!

A mudra according to the merriam webster dictionary: "In Buddhism and Hinduism, a symbolic gesture of the hands and fingers used in ceremonies, dance, sculpture, and painting"

M.I.A's album: Matangi; this album reflects her self Identity

*What is her legacy? M.I.A's legacy is sort of unclear, but is still very profound. She is sort of leaving behind a new picture of feminism, individuality, musicality, and uniqueness. Why she is unclear is because she lives life in the moment she does not get caught up in the details. Many people criticize her for this, and judge her, but she says she is just unsure on what she wants to do.

*What songs or lyrics have changed my life? All of them really, I truly listen to all of her music.

*Why has she become so popular? She has become so popular because her music is different and is catchy

M.I.A at the super bowl half time show


“Most things I do, they ban it, but I still do it coz I'm a bandit”

"There’s loads of space that I leave open, and people don’t like that. My statements aren’t incomplete, they’re just in-progress"



M.I.A's twitter

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