Portuguese colonial administrator

I am a colonial administrator of the Portuguese outpost in Goa, India. My job is to make sure that the spice trade flows correctly. I also have to help expand the Portuguese shipping in the area.

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I will make sure that the product is carried in secured containers so that the water and salt will not affect its contents. I will also make sure that the settlements created along the routes are well funded with a sufficient amount of personnel. I will strengthen the settlements by growing an army to defend against any attacks and to keep the sea route safe and guarded. I will encourage intermarriages to gain strength of the land. I will make sure that the people living on the settlements have good living conditions and ample supplies. I am expecting the missionaries to arrive very soon as I know that as the Christianity grows, it will help strengthen the rule of law and the land which in-turn will help strengthen the spice trade.


My first order of business is to ensure that the product is safe and secure. I will do so by creating warehouses in different areas. I will make sure that the products are heavily guarded before and while they are on the sea until they arrive in Europe. I will develop strategic posts on the route by creating settlements on the islands on its sea route. I will make sure that the people who work of me are well payed and work in a nice clean environment. I will make sure that not only does the spice trade grow but also the other items such as fabrics and dyes.


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