2015 Georgia Renaissance Invasion

O'Toole Hosts the Georgia Renaissance Invasion

Greetings Pennies of all kinds, it's that time of year for the annual invasion of the Georgia Renaissance Festival at 6905 Virlyn B Smith Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213.  I've moved the date to May 16-17th this year to avoid Mother's Day.  

The special theme of the festival this weekend is "TIME WARP WEEKEND!This weekend we're ignoring the calendar and hosting one big cosmic reunion. Don't be surprised to see storm troopers mingling with super heroes as we welcome you to cosplay to your heart's content. Grab your sonic screwdriver, and be sure to enter our costume contest (one for kids and one for adults)."

While your kilt and colors are requested at the Meet and Greet, you are welcome to adjust your outfit to suit on Saturday.  I want to create a record attendance this year!

You can find the official event page on Facebook.

You can also find the official Irish Penny Brigade Group forum.

Meet and Greet - Friday, May 15 @ 6:30pm

The Manchester Arms in College Park, Ga has excellent UrbanSpoon ratings and serves Guinness.  Gentlemen please wear your kilt and clan t-shirt if you have them.  Ladies, look stunning as always.

The Manchester Arms (404) 763-9980

Festival Invasion Saturday, May 16 2015

We are not "officially" tailgating this weekend. However, if you can all get a spot together after breakfast then let's do it.

8am Breakfast at Judy's Restaurant

Judy's Restaurant opens at 5 am (770) 964-0820 and is located less than two miles from the Festival Gates. Please convene here for breakfast and then off to the festival.

10am Opening Gate - Time Warp Weekend

3 pm  Chieftain's Toast  and Pictures
 @ The Tavern on the Hill (near the Joust)

Township - Shade and Tavern in the Green Area

6:30 pm Saturday Dinner @ La Fiesta

While dinner is unplanned for this invasion, the Queen of the festival recommends

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant on 5370 Hwy 92 Fairburn, GA 30213 while the food is not rated the highest, it is a gathering place for many following the festival day.

Penny Central - La Quinta Union City

Penny Central is located at the La Quinta Union City this year with rooms starting at ~$70.  If you share a room, they have some larger rooms that would drop the cost.

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Dread'n O'Conaill (+2) Organizer

I've been looking forward to this year and the new Chieftain of O'Turthail.

Julia Cellery (+2) 2 years ago

Himself, Marie and I will be there for sure. Not sure if Lexi will be joining us, or not.