Exploration Proposal

Project For Mrs. Hershberger :D

                                                                             July 22, 1512

Your great country's flag.

         Proposal                                                                                            July 22, 1512

Hola, King Charles the first. I am Sir Alex Johnson from Egypt.  I want you to provide me with enough money to explore the New World and bring back riches for you and your country.  I will also claim the land for you.  with my research, I plan to boat up to the new world through a gulf towards the south.  I plan to find gold, silver, and other goods.  I will also spread Spanish religion and hope to meet and become friends with natives.  If this money is pledged, I promise to find a crew that is great on the battlefield if we run into other explorers on the way or even when we are there.  I also plan on staying undercover and trying to stay away from fighting.  The land there, according to my research, is beautiful and I hope to get there before any possible competitors.  I'm sure having this much land will boost you and your entire country.  I hope to be back in five years maximum.  This could possibly be delayed if we are force to fight the French or English.   I will try to send back part of the crew to update you with everything that we have found or any deals we have made.  I hope this a success and hope that you do too. 

                                                                                           -Please think about it,

                                                                                            Sir Alex Johnson

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