About Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti plays forward for A.S. Roma, one of the top professional teams in Italy and Europe. He is 36 years old, one of the oldest professional soccer players that are still performing. Married to Llary Totti, and has two children. He was born in Rome, Italy. He has been playing with A.S. Roma since 1992.

Francesco Totti

The Reasons Why He Is A Role model

He is a Leader to His Teamates

Totti is and has been the captain of the team A.S. Roma for many years. He has helped new players that have entered the team. Such as Erik Lamela and Krkic Bojan. He is also the number 1 goal scorer in the club's history, and has won the major title called the Eurpean Golden Boot. To me this shows Leadership.

He Shows Loyalty to His Team

Francesco Totti is one of the few players in all of professional soccer that have played on the same professional team for all their career. He has been playing with A.S. Roma since 1993. He has received over 40 club invitations in his whole career, from teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus, F.C. Barcelona, and Chelsea. He was offered three the amount of money he was making on Roma. But he has still chosen to stay on Roma. Totti quotes, "I'll remain forever in Rome, I can't see me with a different jersey". To me this shows loyalty to his team.

Totti Shows His Determination Every Time He Is On The Field

The main reason why Totti is always so successful is because he has the most determination out of all his teammates. His determination is the reason he is the top scorer for Roma. His determination put him on the the 2006 World Cup All-Star team. He believes in himself, not afraid to take chances to the goal. His determination made him a legend never to be forgotten in Italian Football.

Why Totti is so talented

Why is Francesco Totti so special to his team? The reason why is he has overwhelming talent. He has deadly accuracy and powerful strikes with the ball. But what he has showed me about talent, is that you don't need a strong foot and amazing skill to be a good soccer player. You need to be smart, that's why more than half of his hundreds of goals are non-powerful chips in to the net.

Awards Won

Guerin d'Oro (Serie A Best Player): 1998, 2004Serie A young footballer of the year: 1999EURO team 2000 of the TournamentSerie A footballer of the year: 2000, 2003Italian Footballer of the year: 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007ESM team of the year: 2000-01, 2003-04, 2006-07FIFA 100
2006 FIFA World CUP Winning Team
Seria A Top Scorer: 2006-2007
European Golden Shoe: 2006-07USSI Silver Ball (Serie A Fair Play Award): 2007-08Roma All-Time Leading Scorer
Roma All-Time leading no of appearances.

Records Broken

Serie A Active Leading Goalscorer: 224 goalsRoma All-Time Leading Goalscorer: 279 goalsRoma All-Time Leading Goalscorer in Serie A: 224 goalsRoma All-Time Leading Goalscorer in UEFA Champions League: 16 goalsRoma All-Time Leading Goalscorer in UEFA Europa League: 21 goalsRoma All-Time Leading Goalscorer in UEFA Competitions: 37 goalsRoma All-Time Appearance Maker: 665 gamesRoma All-Time Appearance Maker in Serie A: 524 gamesRoma All-Time Appearance Maker in UEFA Champions League: 50 gamesRoma All-Time Appearance Maker in UEFA Europa League: 38 gamesRoma All-Time Appearance Maker in UEFA competitions: 88 games


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