Iran! What a cool place!

This is my country's flag. It may look simple, but it has a lot of meaning behind it

Hey everyone! My name is Iran. Today, I will be telling you all about myself( by the way, for some parts I am going to talk in first person for some parts of this presentation, but I will try my best to talk in third person, as if I am not Iran....). Lets name is Iran, and the capital of my country is a beautiful city named Tehran. I have a pretty cool flag, that has a lot of meaning to it. Up above this article, you can view a picture of it. Where was I, oh yeah, the flag! So, as you can see, the flag has three equal bands of red, white, and green that are horizontal. The national emblem is in the center of the flag, and represents the word Allah, the god that they believe in. ALLAH AKBAR, which means "God is great" is repeated twenty- two times in white Arabic script, along the bottom of the flag.  Green represents the color of Islam, and growth, white symbolizes honesty, and peace, and red stands for bravery, and martyrdom.

The geography of Iran!

My country, Iran, lives on the continent of Asia. Iran has several bordering countries. Iraq, and Turkey in the west, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea, and Turkmenistan in the north, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in the east; and the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman in the south. Here in Iran, we have many major landforms. Some of them include, the Zagros Mountains, Karun river, Damavand Mountain, and the Elburz Mountains. Here in Iran, we also have major landmarks. Some of our major landmarks include, Azadi Tower, Chehel Sotoun, Imam Reza Shrine, Milad Tower, and Persepolis. There are also, several major bodies of water, in Iran. These major bodies of water include, Caspian Sea, Persian Sea, the Gulf of Oman, and the Arabian Sea. With all of this being said, there are many ways that the geography of Iran can affect the citizens of Iran's lives, through human environment interaction. Human environment interaction is the way the Earth appears, or how we modify, or change it. So, the Iran citizens depend on the environment for water and oxygen. Even though, some parts of Iran are pretty dry, they still somewhat rely on the rain for water. This is an environmental issue that the Iranians have created, especially in the urban areas, is the exhaust from the cars, trucks, and buses that they use. This creates poor air quality for them. Tehran, which is my country's capital city, is one of the most polluted cities in the world, because of all the transportation. As a matter of fact, the air quality is so bad, that some Iranians are getting respiratory related illness. Periodic droughts, floods, dust storms, and sand storms are some of the environmental issues the Iranians have adapted to.

The Iranian Government!

The Iranians have a Theocratic government. This means that their government is connected with their religious beliefs. The religious leader of their government is Ali Khamenei. In the Iranian government system, the Supreme Leader is elected and supervised by the democratically elected Assembly of Experts. In Iran, all of the citizens, whatever ethnic group or tribe to which they belong, enjoy equal rights; language race, or color, do not make a difference in what privileges people have, or receive. All citizens of the country, both genders, man and woman, equally enjoy the protection of the law and enjoy all human, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, and freedoms, in conformity with Islamic criteria. The government must ensure the rights of women in all respects, in conformity with Islamic criteria, and accomplish the following goals: create a favorable environment for the flourish of woman's personality and the restoration of her rights, both the material and intellectual part; the protection of mothers, particularly during pregnancy and child birth, and the protection of children without parents or guardians; establishing competent courts to protect and preserve the family; the provision of special insurance for widows, and aged women and women without support; the awarding of guardianship of children to worthy mothers, in order to protect the interests of the children, in the absence of a legal guardian.

The Economy of Iran!

My country, the country of Iran, is a relatively rich nation, with their vast oil exports being the second largest crude oil exporter, after Saudi Arabia, they don't always export oil though. Iran also exports petroleum, petrochemicals, carpets, food processing, motor, Agriculture (wheat, caviar, fruits, etc), crude steel, and more. Iran's GDP is also one of the highest. I, Iran have a GDP of 1.016 trillion. In Iran, we use Iranian Rial as our currency. Their main import or export of Iran is oil, or petroleum, at 80%. A list of all of Iran's exports are listed here: chemical and petrochemical products, fruits and nuts, and carpets are all of Iran's exports. A list of all of Iran's imports are listed here: industrial supplies, capital goods, foodstuffs and other consumer goods, and technical services, are all of Iran's imports. Iran's life expectancy is for the average citizen to live to be, 73.76 years, as of 2012. 77% total of Iran's population can read and/or write. 84% of males can read and/or write, and 70% of females can read and/or write. The birth rate for Iran is 1.8, or to be exact, 1.92 births per couple. Listed below are the drinking water sources for improved, and unimproved:

Improved Drinking Water Source

97.7% of population: urban

91.7% of population: rural

95.9% of population: total

Unimproved Drinking Water Source

2.3% of population: urban

8.3% of population: rural

4.1% of population: total

Improved Drinking Water Sources can use any of the following sources: piped water into dwelling, yard, or plot; public tap or standpipe; tubewell or borehole; protected dug well; protected spring; or rainwater collection. Unimproved Drinking Water Sources can use any of the following sources: unprotected dug well; unprotected spring; cart with small tank or drum; tanker truck; surface water, which includes rivers, dams, lakes, ponds, streams, canals or irrigation channels; or bottled water.

The Iranian Culture!

In Iran, two examples of common items of clothing that they wear are, a "roo-sari", and "roo-poosh". A "roo-sari" is a traditional Iranian head scarf. A "roo-poosh" is a traditional coat that they wear in Iran. The religious leanings of the country influence the clothing that people wear greatly. Since the main religion of Iran is Islam, their clothing reflects the simplicity and modesty of Islam. In Iran, they mainly speak Persian. Top artists in my beautiful country of Iran are: Mohsen Namjoo, Lana Del Ray, and Radiohead(Top 3) Iranian music traditionally tells a message, and the music generally reflects the artist's innermost feelings, sort of like how pop artists in the U.S. express their feelings about love into their songs. Iranian music is deeply intertwined with the Iranian age-old history and culture, it expresses the loves, joys, sorrows, efforts and struggles, and the many victories and defeats the people of Iran have experienced over time. Some top songs in Iran are: Khalegh, An Ke Delam Ra, Safar, Azize Rafte, and Arbaabe Vafaa, are the top 5 songs in Iran. Listed below are all of the Iranian holidays.

Listed in this table are in all the Iranian holidays!

In Iran, the main religion is Islam. Islam's favorite creed is “There is no God but Allah,” which the faithful Muslim recite daily. The religion Islam is a monotheistic religion, which means that they only believe in one god, or in the oneness of God. Another belief that the Muslims have, is that angels are the messengers of Allah. That Islamic concept differs little from the biblical view. They also believe, that Quran is God's last word to the world. This says, that both the Old and New Testaments are likewise divinely inspired, but have been altered by Christians and Jews. If they conflict in any place, they believe that the Bible is wrong, and that the Quran is right, and has the final authority. Chelo- Kebab is a popular Iranian dish. It contains all of the following ingredients:

1 pound of ground lamb

1 teaspoon of cumin

1/4  teaspoon of black pepper

1 large chopped onion

In Iran, for fun, people go to the movies, listen to music(it doesn't matter what kind of music they listen to), play sports, go karting and paintball are also very popular in Iran. Some popular games in Iran are: Chogan(this is pretty much like polo), Takhteh Nard, and Shatranj are some games that are popular, and are played often in Iran.

The Climate of Iran

Iran has a hot, dry climate that is characterized by hot, dry summers, and cold, very short winters. This climate occurs because of Iran's location between the subtropical aridity of the Arabian Desert areas and the subtropical humidity of the eastern Mediterranean area. The coldest month is January, with a high of 10 degrees Celsius, and a low of 5 degrees Celsius. How cold! The hottest month of the year is August, with a low of 20 degrees Celsius, and a high of at least 30 degrees Celsius. In most areas of Iran, there is high humidity on the southern coastal areas of the Persian Gulf, with summers that are warm to hot with virtually continuous sunshine. There is a danger of heat exhaustion, since temperatures can reach easily 40°C or more, especially along the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. June through August are often rainless, while about 70 percent of rainfall falls between November and March. Rainfall is varied from season to season, and from year to year. The average yearly rainfall for my country was last measured at 228 mm, in 2011. In Iran, over the course of a year, the temperature varies typically from 33 degrees Fahrenheit, to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and rarely ever gets over 103 degrees Fahrenheit, or rarely gets under 26 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate affects the country of Iran because, since Iran is like a desert, and has a hot, dry, humid climate, Iran undergoes droughts, and has a shortage, or low supply of water, causing them to have to get it from other countries. The climate also affects them, because they have irregular and uncoordinated water exploitment. They also don’t have much availability of resources, because, since they live in a desert- like environment, not many resources can grow, or be exploited/found, except for oil. This limits their trading ability to other countries, since pretty much all they can trade is oil.

History of Iran

One event that contributed to Iran's current condition, is when the Arab invasion ended the Sassanid dynasty, and started Islamic rule. This event has contributed to Iran’s current state because; now the main/official religion of Iran is Islam. Another event that has contributed to Iran's current condition, is when the constitution              was introduced, which limited the absolutist powers of rulers. This event has contributed to Iran’s current state because; now, the citizens have more power than they used to, and now the rulers no longer have all the power.

Time to Compare and Contrast!

Instructions: Choose 2 aspects of your country’s culture (religion, government, food, language, housing, clothing, etc.) and compare it to those same aspects of our culture in the United States. Have at least 2 similarities and 2 differences for each aspect of culture that you select (at least 4 similarities and 4 differences total).

Aspects that I chose: government and religion


*Both have presidential system of government

*Both vote in elections over important matters


*Iran is also known as a Theocracy government, where religion and government are connected, while the U.S doesn’t have a Theocracy government

*In Iran, they have a religious leader, and a president, but the religious leader has more power/authority than the president, while in the U.S, we only have a president.


*Both have the main religion as a huge part/big majority of the country

*Both main religions believe in only one god.


*Main religion in the U.S is Christianity, while the main religion in Iran is Islam

*Christianity believes that the one, true god is Jesus, or God, Islam believes that the one, true god is Allah.


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