ABE Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


CHECK-IN (Library):     Parents waiting, students with parent will eat in cafe' and overflow will eat in Gym, student WITHOUT parent will eat with teacher in classroom.

LOGISTICS:     Traffic flow around building will be counter-clockwise (K, Pre-K, and 3rd will head towards computer lab).

CHECK-OUT (Office):     Check-out will be DIFFERENT from last year. All parents must sign their student out in the office. There will NOT be a classroom sign-out list (as done in the past).

LEGAL ALERT:     We will provide you with a legal alert, so you are aware. If any concerns arise, contact the office immediately.

MEALS:     Cost is $3.50 per meal; students regular lunch cost (will go through lunch line); younger siblings - no free meals, however, they may use siblings lunch account for meal (charge $3.50). Teachers go through lunch line with students ($3.50).

Signs will be posted at each EXIT to let parents know they MUST EXIT through the FRONT DOOR. BE VIGILANT !!!


  1. Trash Pick-up AND Recycling Pick-up SHOULD be placed outside your classrooms at end of day.
  2. Wipe down and pick-up as much as you can before leaving campus. There is NO guarantee that the custodians will make it to EVERY classroom for clean-up. Sooo, if you do not want to be greeted by ants and roaches when you return, I would advise to take care of left over food and lunch boxes in closets the best you can. I have Clorox wipes ;-)
  3. Turn off ALL technology, etc.
  4. Building Closed --- NOT accessible over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so take any planning material you may need over the break.



SST - Laser Focus

  • All  interventions for students need to be put in laser focus before we return from the winter break.


  • Monday, December 1 ---- JEANS and WALKING CHALLENGE PARTICIPANTS pay your $5 to Kelly Jenkins
  • Thursday, December 4 --- Science Fair Viewing AND tentative 4th grade Music Program AND Jennifer Serrano's 52nd Birthday. (follow Science Fair link for more info district-wide)
  • Week of December 8 --- 3rd Grade Service Learning Project - TOY DRIVE
  • SMALL GROUP Instruction and Intervention should be in FULL SWING
  • Upcoming Testing Dates have been e-mailed by J Serrano to 3rd - 5th grade teachers.

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