Yellow Fever 1793

This is an African American having Yellow Fever today he has yellow eyes and his yellow skin.

What Started Yellow Fever?

There are many things that start yellow fever like bacteria, female mosquitoes,African slaves and monkeys . People say that Yellow Fever started in Africa and it spread to the U.S.A when they bought slaves from Africa To America.

What are some Treatments of Yellow Fever?

Doctors treated yellow fever victims in the 1700's by draining there "bad blood". But now they treat yellow fever victims with shots and drugs. Drugs don't help a lot but they say for most patients need to get rest and drink plenty of liquids.

What is Yellow Fever like today?

Yellow fever is not like in the 1700's outbreaks, but outbreaks still occur mostly in Africa.  In the hole world there are 30,000 deaths from Yellow fever victims. Today we get mild infections but in the 1700's the outbreaks were terrible in 1793, 5,000 people died in Philadelphia from Yellow Fever.  

Impact on our lives today and the lesson we learned.

Yellow fever is a very contagious sickness and we can still get it but not as bad. A lesson I have learned is to be healthy and get my yearly shots because if you stay healthy you won't get sick, also wash your hands.  

Map of where Philadelphia is located one of the main outbreaks occurred here!


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3 years ago

I did not know that there at least four ways that yellow fever started, and there skin turned yellow and there eyes turned yellow to.

3 years ago

When you get a shot to prevent Yellow fever is there drugs in the shot?

3 years ago

I thought i knew a lot about yellow fever but actually i didn't know a ton of the facts in here so I like how i learned a lot of new things.

3 years ago

@Dduck42 it had some kind of drugs in it, it was like medicine to stop the bad infections.