My Secret Service Mission
By: Jessie

Brighter. Better. Nicer. This is what the world would be if we all did secret service projects. I think everyone should try and do at least one nice thing for others a day.

A secret service project is where you anonymously do something nice for someone.I smiled at people, helped people know their spots,  took out the trash, cleaned my room,I helped my mom set the table, did all my chores without my mom asking and I made treats for my neighbors. My favorite thing was to making a plate of treats for my new neighbors. I left it on their doorstep.

This impacted my neighbors. They got treats, but importantly, they will have a better day. Hopefully,they will do something nice for other people and create a chain reaction.

My secret service project impacted me, too. This project showed me that something little that you do could really brighten other peoples' day. So, why not do the little things?

Just because it doesn't seem like a big deal to you, it could be for others. Again, I think everyone should try to do nice things every day. It could really help the world be a brighter, better, and nicer place.

I think this quote is very true. It's when the little things add up that you begin to see a difference

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