Photo Essay

Causes of the war

Featured in the this picture is the Assassin Gavrila Principe, on the left and the victim Archduke Franz Ferdinand, on the right. The assassination was planned out by the Serbian Nation and was soon figured out by Austria-Hungary. This assassination soon set off a lot of anger in a the big armies. #totalwar #watchyourback

Weaponry and Technology

This picture shows up how military action was on the front of the battle front. Featured in the picture is the British attacking the Germans. Fighting on the battle front was extremely dangerous and required a lot of bravery from the soldiers. #totalwar #brave #imperialism

In the picture, French snipers are finding shelter in the ruins of a village. They are positioning themselves for enemy attackers and finding shelter. Surprise attacks on enemies was a common event that happened in World War 1. #surprise #militarism #imperialism

Soldier Life

In this picture, Private Ernest Stambash receives a cigarette from Miss Anna Rochester, who was a American Res Cross volunteer, in France. This shows us how even though soldiers can be injured and down they still try to do things that make them happy during the though time, for him its a cigarette. #nationalism #militarism

Feature above is dead soldiers on the Highlands on the Western Front. They were previously killed and stripped of their socks and boots, which were in high demand during this time. This picture shows us that socks and boots where in such a high demand, they would do lots of things to get them. #totalwar #demand

Civilian Life

This photo shows us how women are helping in any way they can during the war. Above, the women are working in a lumbar yard in France, constructing wooden huts. Typically men would do this job but since they were out fighting, women would take over their jobs. #nationalism #dedication

In the photo, a Russian soldier is being buried by two civilians. This shows us how even when civilians helped out by making things they also helped by clearing bodies and bury them. #nationalism #totalwar

Impact of the war

This photo was taken on March 26, 2014 at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. The reason for the sign is because there is still unexploded munition from the war. Sadly, many effects of the war still go on today. #totalwar

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