Brief History

The Himlas come from a race of people that date back all the way to the ancient times. This community relies on trust and the idea that if you live in the Himalayas, you're closer to the earth. These people are savage; only eating with their hands and having no specific "way" to their tribe. They live off the land--eating and sleeping and relying on nature to help them in any times of need. The Himlas have enough self assurance, so much so, that they feel no need to have any electronics or conform to the normal way of living. They are a respected race, even though some call them barbaric, and are left alone for the most part.


This race believes in Agnosticism-- the belief that we are not in a position to know what the ultimate of existence is; and that trying to assert a definitive answer to these questions using Christianity, Atheism and everything in between is irrational. They do not believe there is a God necessarily, yet, they do not completely shun the idea that there might be. In other words: these people claim no faith nor disbelief of God. 


This culture is a culture that lives off the land, so they don't have houses with insulation and walls. They build their dwellings with either rocks or off of trees using branches. In their little houses they have logs and moss to sleep in. There is not a bathroom in their  houses but they all have an outhouse that they share in the woods. The families share their own dwelling if their married; if there are single men or women they all share their own designated house.


The Himlas stick to the old method of the world so there is no currency; they only trade their things. If you find something in the woods or if you hand-make something you can trade that for crops, seeds, clothing or anything else like that. There are also different tribes of the Himlas, so maybe a different tribe has something that the another tribe doesn't have so they can trade that way too.  Trading meat is often as well,  if a hunter wants seeds or cloth they can trade their game for what ever they need.

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