The Mechanical Pencil

Our artifact is the mechanical pencil, its purpose is to make a writing utensil that does not need to be sharpened to be used. It was originally invented by Slavolijub Eduard Penkala. Mechanical Pencils are used to provide lines of constant thickness without sharpening in technical drawing and writing. These pencils have been used the same way for several years. This invention has been innovated greatly since its first creation, at first the button to dispense lead was at the top of the pencil but has recently been moved to the side of the pencil where it is easier to reach and dispense lead. The mechanical pencils positive impact is that it is an easier way of writing without sharpening, and due to the innovation of it having the button on the side, it is easier to dispense lead. It's negative impact is that the lead for the pencil is so expensive because there is such a wide variety of pencil leads. The way all sorts of inventors have helped create the mechanical pencil is as followed: Science- It was used to see what the people wanted. Technology- By seeing how everything will work and dispense the lead. Engineering- By designing and making everything work. Math- By finding the diameter of the pencil, the size of the lead, and the price. One quote of Slavolijub Penkala is, "Seen from the moon, we are all the same size". The Mechanical Pencil is a piece of technology that I think needs to be classified as, Production, mainly including manufacturing.

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