Decision making model Scenario 4.

You are an eighth grade student. Since the seventh grade you have been on the Junior Varsity Cheereloading Squad. You recently tried out for the Varsity team next year. You were notified that you made the team. The cheerleading sponsor informs you that you can no longer be in band if  you are cheering on varsity football nights, since the band marches  during half time at the football games. You have been in band since fifth grade and have really enjoyed being in the band and going on band trips. Next year the band is going to Disney World. What do you do ?

Step 1: In order to do cheerleading for the school you gotta quit band and you been in band for 5 years .

Step 2: Stay in Band and dont do cheerleading  or Leave band and do cheerleading .

Step : 3 If you stay doing cheerleading you won't be able to do band too and if you do band you won't be able to cheerlead and they might kick you off the team.

Step: 4 I think she should do Cheerleading and try something new .

Step: 5 She should do cheerleading and it would go god and the team would like the way she cheers with an firm voice.

Step: 6 If she cheers and if the coach likes her she would get complements and she would be able to lead the cheerleading team.

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