The last book I read was Picture Bride in another class. Honestly, I don't really like reading. The only time I will finish a book is if that book really catches my attention. I find it really hard to choose a book that I will really enjoy and finish it. What does it feel like when I finished a book? It feels GREAT! It feels like I just accomplished an assignment that I worked so hard on because I really enjoyed the book. I guess the ending of True Diary was good. It is a great feeling to have and old pal back. Page 219 'chapter Talking about Turtles' was very interesting to me. I have many dreams that I want to achieve and I think I would have to leave some behaviors in the past if I want to achieve my dreams. Confident and goals is a must for me in the future. I don't think I would have to leave any family or friends behind because they are all the ones that I would need help from and the ones that I want them to be a part of my future.