Career Research Project

Gauge Haley

Professional Requirements

-Make safety first
-Know material

-Visually inspect the welds

Education Requirements

-Some want High School diploma some want a Certificate.

Black Hawk College

Black Hawk has many different classes for you to go to including welding, photography, and accounting

Words to live by

The words I live by about my profession is to make sure you always wear your welding helmet. I go by this because in welding if you look at the arc of the weld then you could get flash burn. Flash burn is when your eyes get really red and they burn really bad. It takes about 24 hours to get ride of flash burn but that is only if you treat it right.

Role Model

I would have to say that my role model would be my dad. He has been a welder for all of his life. The reason why he is my role model is because he works hard everyday and no matter what he always goes to work. If he is sick or anything it doesn't really matter what it is he will go. Even when he had his heart attack he went back as soon as he could.

My dad is determined to do what he loves. Also so he can pay all of the bills that he has to pay. So my dad is my role model just because he loves his career and what he does with it.   

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