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Did you know that small classrooms sometimes happens to our school? This could be a problem because it could affect teacher’s work. Grant School needs bigger classrooms.

We need bigger classrooms at Grant School because the teachers are saying there’s not enough space in their classroom. If we don’t get more classrooms then the teachers can’t teach students if it’s too crowded. If there’s no room in the classrooms’ teachers can’t put important things that students need to learn! If there's not enough room then teachers wouldn’t have room for more desks they need.

My second reason is I’ve seen kids getting pushed everywhere in their classroom. If there isn’t much more room in classrooms then one of the classroom walls can be broken down. If there isn’t enough room in classrooms this could happen: you and your classmates are in two groups, and the two groups are in different spots in your classroom. The problem is there’s too many people in a small spot, but with a big classroom there’s no trouble.

Last but not least, I’ve seen new kids’ stuff on the ground next to hooks or under them because there is not another hook for them. For example, Miss Schwarting has twenty-nine students, but only twenty-eight hooks. Since the new student doesn’t have a hook, he might feel sad because he has to put his stuff on the floor. It’s not fair that some students don’t get the same things as others.

Have you ever wondered where and how we are going to get the money and the classrooms spot would be? Well, we would get the money from the students at Grant School and the kids who want to go to Grant School. The money would be in a big red box next to a gray gate at Grant School. The classrooms will have a space on the last floor across the fourth grade teachers or the third.

I really think it’s important that Grant School has bigger classrooms! If you agree with me we can raise money for our school! Once we have the money for our school we can make the classrooms at Grant School larger!

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