Act 3

Act 3, Mercutio, Kyle Jung, Period 4

Benvolio and I were actually waiting for Romeo at the Verona square and Tybalt and his group came up to us and told us that he wants to punish Romeo for hiding into the Capulet's party. I feel kind of  relieved when I wasn't caught. When Romeo arrived, Tybalt was about to shout at him and punish him for sneaking into the party, but he is dumbfounded about how to react in Romeo's actions. Romeo was like a little angel who loves everybody and treast everybody so kindly. He didn't show any particles of hatred at all. Why would he act such like that? I am sure there is something wrong with him. Instead of him so I challenged Tybalt for a duel. We were half truly fighting and half for fun. Romeo was attempting to intervene, holding me back. While Romeo is restraining me, Tybalt stabs me. Why Romeo!! If he didn't intervene, I wouldn't be stabbed. Everybody thought I was joking but I was seriously wounded. I will curse both of the families and no one will have a happy life. This is the end of my life. In the heaven, I see Romeo fighting with Tybalt. I see Romeo acutally killing Tybalt. I can see Prince listening about the story. He is saying that Romeo is banished from Verona. One dead and one banished. This might be the start of curse.

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