Point being described by coordinates on a plane
Line the lines have created a texture and pattern
Color has a number of different color
Value the darkness of some letters and lightness of some letters
Shape geometric shape. area is enclosed by lines.
Form the pine cone is 3D.
Space space is being shown by the depth of the image.
Texture the surface of the image looks rough
Balance the images of the lizards balance each other out because they are both the same.
Emphasis the fish draws attention to it because it has a brighter color then everything else.
Contrast the green fish is different from the orange fish.
Rhythm the lines and color are being repeated
Proportion the man is obviously bigger than the car.
Unity the colors complete each other in harmony.
Economy image shows bare minimum of elements.
Symbol the symbol stands for balance
Gestalt the human eye sees a vase but really its two people facing each other.
Pattern the design is repeated.
Reverse the image is being taken apart and analyzed.

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