Imperialism Political Cartoon

By: Virginia Saiz

This political cartoon shows the globe of the world and there are three figures standing around the globe and they are all holding bags. The first bag we see is right in front of us and the bag says British grab-bag and it is almost full or could actually be full. To the right we see another figure his bag says Russian grab bag and he is more in Asia and his bag isn't very full it seems as if he is just picking what he can get. The third figure to the left has his bag and it says German-grab bag. He is more in the continent of Africa and his bag is half way full so it looks like he had a lot to choose from even more than Russia.

Even if you didn't read each of the figures bags you could still tell who is who based mostly on there clothes and stereotypical characteristics such as a thick mustache for Russia and the Helmet for Germany. Britain is standing with a full bag as if he is done picking out all the places they want to take over.