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Original inhabitants were the Arawak Indians who called Jamaica , xaymaca at the time. They called it the land of the woods and the lands of spring. 92 percent of Jamaicans are of African descent. It is said that Christopher Columbus founded Jamaica in 1494. The European settlers came to settle in Jamaica. There were no black people in Jamaica until the British brought slaves to Jamaica.  Jamaica." CultureGrams


2.8 Million most of Jamaica’s people are of African descent. Even though the population is mostly black, there is still a population of people with European descent.

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There are many elements of Jamaican culture. A main part of Jamaica’s culture is the family. We're talking Aunts, uncles, parents,grand parents. Family’s provide emotional support as well as financial. The Jamaican culture is built on trust. The religion is based on cults,sects denominations and movement. All having to do with religion. The roots of theses religious practices come from African traditions. Mostly in the Voodoo aspect of their religion. On the opposite hand Jamaicans are mostly Baptist,Methodist and Presbyterian. "Countries and Their Cultures.


Jamaica’s Government belongs to democracy, Under a proclamation of 1962. Jamaica has a bicameral parliament. 21 member senate and 60. Before Jamaica had a government it was controlled by the Arawak. They were the government in those times. Now a days Jamaica is a Constitutional,Parliamentary democracy. Jamaica has a head of state but is loyalty remains with the crown. Technically speaking Jamaica is under a monarchy, named Queen Elizabeth II."Jamaica." Infoplease.


One major part of Jamaica’s economy is the crops in sugar cane. Number One ingredient of Rum and Molasses. Bananas and citrus fruits plus yams are a major part of their economy. Crops grown on farming plantations with farm animals. Their Main economy booster is Tourist they make millions off tourist every year throughout the whole entire year. Because of the weather the scenery. Jamaica's Economy."


Jamaica's tropical land and beautiful clean water makes it an tourist attraction for all who admire beauty and land.

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