Game Design Mini-Project

What is it?

I made a game called Ghost Chase. This game was my first Scratch project. Because it was my first project on Scratch I focused mainly on learning how Scratch works and understanding to blocks.

How does it work?

Ghost Chase is a two player game. One player controls a ghost that can shoot fireballs. The other player controls a faster ghost that is trying not to be hit by fireballs. The goal of the game is to either hit the ghost with a fireball as the first ghost or survive as long as possible without getting hit as the second ghost. In the game there are two portals in opposite corners that teleport ghost and fireballs to the other portal when they enter them.

What resources did you use while making it?

To make this game I used a free online program called Scratch. Scratch is a program that teaches basic game design. If you are interested in game design you should try using Scratch. You could also try Scratch if you are interested in character design.

What it the next step?

While I could improve some problems with my game, I am going to create another game. The reason for this is because Ghost Chase was a game I created so I could learn how to use Scratch. I want to to experiment with new ideas now that I understand the basics. I think I could create a more fun game than Ghost Chase because when I made my main priority was not fun. I am going to use Scratch and make more projects.

Were there any problems while making it?

My biggest problem was making the fireballs. I did not know how to make projectiles when I first started. I made it so that the fireballs are clones of a fireball which is always on the ghost that shoots them. I then made the fireball invisible and had the clones be destroyed when they hit the edge if the screen. After I finished the fireballs I focused on making my game better. I added stars that teleport you, I added music, I made it so fireballs face shoot right and left, and I flipped the ghosts' sprites so they face left and right depending on they way the are facing.

Play my game here: