Facts about Smart-Bulbs (A)

-You need to have a Wink or Zigbee hub in order to get the extra features.

-This Smart-Bulb is eco-friendly and is very strong.

-It does not break easily by dropping it on the ground.

-IF you buy 40 of these Smart-Bulbs, you will get a free Zigbee hub product.(Offers are from some companies not all)

-There is an app that is compatible with Zigbee and Wink Hubs.

-One Smart-Bulb lasts 50,000 hours, that's 5 times the length of a fluorescent bulb!

-With this app you can change the colors of the bulb to turning on automatically when you receive a text.

                                                          Installation   (B)

-You will have to install it yourself after buying it at a store.

-You don't need permission to install them in your home.

-Since they last 50,000 hours(about 5 years), it is a good deal.

-Replacing them in your home every 5 years or so for $600 is really good if you have good income.

                                                             Price:   (C)   

-This new Smart-Bulb is only $15 for a bulb.

-An average house will have about 40 light bulbs.

-So if you are going to replace all your bulbs in your house, it will probably cost you $600. -The normal fluorescent light bulb is $5.

-One Smart-Bulb lasts 50,000 hours, that's 5 times the length of a fluorescent bulb! Yes $600 is a lot of money but its worth it.

in 10 months you will have 72 dollars and payed of your expenses for the installation of lights that connect to phone.Plus 50 fifty dollars for deal.Because it cost 600 dollars for forty light bulbs in your house.the first year you have it it will save you 288 dollars and in the second year it will save you 864 dollars.Over the period of 5 years you will have saved 3,744 and 2.05 each day.

                                                         Pros and Cons:    (D)


- You can change the brightness of the bulb and it wont affect the time it lasts.                   - You can use the app on your phone to turn it on or off!                                                       - You can change the color of the smart-bulb when ever you want.                                      - Compatible with Apple's Homekit.


- It relies on network to work so if you have slow WiFi, you are probably going to be disappointed.                                                                                                                    - -- -You need to have a Wink or ZigBee hub to have all the extra features.  


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